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My 2014 Equus Ultimate was about to turn 37,000 in January so I contacted the service manager at Hub Hyundai West in Houston to arrange to bring it in for routine service and wanted to coordinate this with the availability of their loaner vehicle. As I've done many times in the past. After not getting a response to email and text messages, I called him and was told that the valet service and loaner vehicle program expires after 3-years or 36,000 miles. I reminded him that the sales brochures from 2012 to the 2016 models all tout the text below from the 2015 brochure and nowhere in any Equus literature or communications with me was a time and mileage limit ever communicated. In fact, just the opposite. This customer service program detail can be found on the second or third page of the marketing brochure, before any of the other features of this great automobile are detailed.

I filed a complaint with Hyundai Motors America Customer Assurance Group in Fountain Valley, CA, received a case number and then the Cone of Silence descended over them. I email the Vice-President of Customer Satisfaction, Mr. Barry Ratzlaff, who I've had interaction with in the past but got zero reply. Which was very unusual because in the past, Mr. Ratzlaff was very responsive. Finally, an email came this week from a customer service rep saying that Hyundai was unwilling to honor the commitment made to Equus owners about loaner vehicles.

So, I started working up the chain of command in California and have a list of all of their senior executives, including the CEO, and their email and other contact information. And I've filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau's binding arbitration group. But it's we owners who can force Hyundai management to reverse this new policy and restore the promise they made to all of us when we purchased the Equus flagship automobile. The more they hear from others like yourselves, the more they will get the message that reneging on a promise is NOT acceptable. I'll be happy to supply the names and contact information to other Equus owners so you can also raise your voice about this.

From the 2015 Equus Sales brochure, page 3 I capitalized the word NEVER !

"When it’s time for service, an Equus owner NEVER has to set foot in our service
center. You can simply contact us by phone or through the downloadable Equus
Owner Experience iPad® app, and we’ll come to you. We’ll exchange your car for a
Courtesy Replacement Vehicle, then return your Equus when it’s ready. All of this
in support of an automobile designed to deliver what matters to you most: The
pure pleasure of power, comfort, convenience and security."

Yes I’ve just encountered that with my 2015 Eguus
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