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Hyundai Superbowl ads improved brand awareness

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Click above to view Hyundai's two Superbowl ads.

While we're hardly advertising analysts, of all the TV spots that we endured while watching the Superbowl, Hyundai's Genesis commercials seemed to be the most clear and cohesive (unlike some other automakers). Apparently, we weren't alone.

Nielsen's Online MegaPanel Survey crunched some of the data it captured from viewers during the game and found that Hyundai's spots were some of the best received. Overall, 43-percent of the people polled said that the ads improved their view of Hyundai's image, while 57-percent thought that the ads were informative - essentially telling them something new - and 45-percent thought the spots where "believable."

Hopefully some of that goodwill transfers over to dealerships when Hyundai launches the Genesis sedan later this year. It's certainly more of a game-changer than Audi's "old luxury" campaign and it may finally pull Hyundai's image out of the bargain-basement brand identity that it's so fervently trying to escape.

We've embedded Hyundai's Superbowl spots after the jump, along with their press release.

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