I'm about to cry!! No performence G80!!


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Have a G-80 Sport. I'd agree. I did write the car is 80% luxury 20% performance. However, I'm fine with that! Also, as someone else wrote, I think the engine is conservatively rated. Has more power than they claim. Wonderful machine!


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I almost got teary reading this man's story lol it is quite unfortunate that they don't have those plans yet but I agree with that. I would also like them to focus on the luxury and base platform of the cars for the first ten years or so and then have them decide to go with a performance variant. I really like the genesis brand so I want them to solidify more as a brand first before they make any big moves.

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I don't think we should be surprised that Genesis isn't going to have a M, AMG, V (etc) competitor at this point. They need to hone in on that luxury and refinement which 99.9% of luxury car buyers are looking for in a car. Let the 00.1% of the rest buy a CTS-V.


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Keep your hopes up. I am currently in a hold pattern with my 5.0 since the planned moded ECU from Korea didn't click with the American set up. However David @ LAP brought with him to the dyno shop his KIA with twin turbos, etc. and it pulled over 340 RWHP. He says they are also having success with the 3.3 V6 genesis coupe's engine w/mods which maybe the base line of the G80 engine. If this is so, then there is hope for the future, however not from the H company. In the hold, I have suggested to the V8 owners who want more NOW to checkout the Nitrous Express Proton Plus NOS kit for less than $459. It has variable adjustments from 35-thru 150 RWHP whenever you want it, and all the newest safety features to preclude old stories. Techs @ 940-767-7694 say it is a simple system to install and use on the 4.8 or 5.0. Any good rod shop can install in a few hours. A 10lbs bottle allows many, many runs. You can always take it off when any thing else comes available. No major changes either way nor program mods or changes that screwup your emissions inspections.
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