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Susan Belfree

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I made an appointment - it took a week to get in but that's fine. First they make me sign a work order saying if the problem isn't a warranty issue I could be charged up to $100 for diagnostics, etc. The problem I took it in for is a rough idle when the AC compressor is running - it's very noticeable but overall not horrible. The other is the mildew smell in the AC. Years ago I had another brand with that same mildew issue and they fixed it in 5 minutes by spraying some blue stuff in the ducts with a long wand. Anyway, after my 1.5 hour wait they came back with solutions to SELL me instead of saying my car was ready!!

For the idle issue, they wanted to sell me a fuel injector cleaning for $170. For the mildew smell they wanted to do a service they called something "bomb" where they kept the car overnight. They said it would smell like chlorine for weeks after (and even longer in some cases) and didn't recommend it. I wouldn't agree but I would at least respect an argument about the mildew smell not being a warranty item . . . but the rough idle? No way, that is 100% a warranty issue especially since injector cleaning wasn't due, if it's even mentioned at all in the manual (I just bought the car used but it's still under the 5/60).

Of course they wanted the $100 since I wasn't buying into any of that nonsense but said (without directly saying) they would waive it if I gave a 5 star review to my service writer.

To top off the waste of time and insulting, greedy scam they tried to pull, the car wash was down and they returned my car with dirt in it that wasn't there when I brought it in.

I haven't purchased a new car since 2015 but I'm wondering if this is what Hyundai has become or is it just my dealer the or area I'm in? The dealers here seem extra slimy and greedy and this isn't the first area dealer to insist on money to diagnose a car under warranty (Kia was the other). I've never run into that in all of my 40 years worth of driving and owning more cars than most dealerships sell in a month.


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My first experience with the dealer was about the same. I just wanted to ask a question and they would only allow me to make an appointment a week later and my check engine light is on now! Just like you said, they told me there was a $130.00 fee for even looking at it when I bring it in.
No six point check like they said they did and it took a full hour to get my key fob programed because the guy didn’t know how to start the car without the key fob working!! Once I showed him how to do it (because I caught him going through all my compartments and he had to fess up) he didn’t even put service mats down and black marked up my floor mats.. needless to say I won’t be going back there for anything
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