JB4 into 2019 G70 Genesis


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Genesis G70
Some of us are not computer smart. The instructions that came with the JB4 are for a Kia Singer and while I think I have located the two intake plugs the other two completely escape me as well as where to drill the hole in the firewall to run the computer wire/s. Frustrating to have components with lack of clear instructions on how to hook it up. Can anyone help? It is a 2019 2t I4


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Genesis G70
Grommet is under dash drivers side upper left. When I did install I cut small + in existing grommet just enough to poke a wire. Then grab it under hood next to ecu. Attach jb4 wire dash side tape and add a little hand soap for lube. Pull from hood side. As for the rest all should be the same as stinger self explanatory.
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