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Just bought a 2015 Equus CPO with 6,700 miles in NJ: Need some BlueLink advice...


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Middletown NJ
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Equus (2011-2016)
Good Morning, I just purchased a 2015 Equus Signature with 6 thousand miles CPO. Had some questions about BlueLink and what service package to get.

I have a Samsung Note 8 phone, what packages do people have here, or what is really the best way to connect my phone to the car. I dont think there is anyway to "project" like in my wife's Diesel Cruse, the phone to the display in the car, I like Ways for navigation, but I figure the best ideas have already been worked out here already? I did buy the XM radio package for the car, and the stereo sounds great.



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Equus (2011-2016)
I see no one responded and I was just wondering if you had an update to your original post? How did the Bluelink workout? I have a 15 Ultimate and a Note 9, also live in NJ. Mercer County.
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