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KDMHolic MyRide Front Lip SALE for Genesis Sedan 11-14


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New Jersey
Hello everyone,
This is Kevin at KDMHolic.

I would like to introduce you guys our sales event for the month of July.

[MyRide Front Lip for Hyundai Genesis Sedan 11-14]

Sale price:
Ver.1 - $600 (tax & shipping included)
Ver.2 - $700 (tax & shipping included)

Material: FRP

Condition: New (Authentic Design MyRide product)

Surface: Primed / Unpainted

At KDMHolic, we are having a limited sale for the MyRide Front Lip (Ver.1 & Ver.2) for Hyundai Genesis Sedan 11-14.

This sale will stand for a limited time.

This offer is exclusively for our KDMHolic customers, Facebook followers, and Genesisowners Forum members residing in United States and Canada.
All other country residents; please contact us for price quotes.

You can either contact us by messaging us through using forum PMs, Facebook messages, or using our customer support page at www.kdmholic.com.
E-mail address: kdmholic@gmail.com / kdmholic.cs@gmail.com
Phone number: 917-742-8228

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns/questions about this promotion or on any of our other services.


Please e-mail me at kdmholic@gmail.com for those of you who are interested.

Prices include shipping, taxes, PayPal fees…etc., with no other hidden costs.

Thank you for your time.
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