Lexicon OEM Signal Analysis


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uh....what? you literally just threw out a jumble of words that makes absolutely no sense from a car audio standpoint lol.

now that i know you dont even have the car, it makes a lot more sense...you have no idea that there is a button to turn surround OFF so it just becomes a normal stereo lrfr system ;)

and you didnt answer qusetion number 2

btw, nice going with the "i am just asking questions, why are you guys making a big deal" statement.

did you just graduate from troll school? cause you are following the playbook step by step.

1. comment on everything negatively, ask negative questions and dont pay attention to answers.

2. continue negativity to stirr the pot

3. when people gang up on you, pretend to be ignorant of hat people are saying about you and state your innocence and accuse others of over reacting.

its either that or you have a really really really really rude and asinine way of "asking questions" :rolleyes:

Wow this is a long thread maybe Mark needs this drawn out in crayon just make sure you do not use to many colors. :)
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