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Loaner car experience at Chantilly Virginia Hyundai/Genesis.


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2G Genesis Sedan (2015-2016)
I had a rather unique experience that I’d like to share. The service department is great, they spent a month with my car diagnosing my car for a flutter at 25-30 mph.

My issue was with the loaner car. They have a rule there that you cannot have pets in the loaner. The kicker is they charge you $250 if you violate this rule. This is excessive. I had a Kona for three weeks and during that time I took my dog for a grooming, not realizing it was prohibited. I was able to talk my way out of the charge because I was not aware of the rule.

I had to return and got a Elantra loaner which I only had for a few days. Upon return they claimed there were pet hairs on the drivers seat, which apparently came off the jacket I was wearing. They again wanted to charge me $250, for pet hair transferred from my clothing!

in discussion with Hyundai customer service I was told that each dealer makes their own rules for loaners. So please beware when you get a loaner, make sure you understand the rules.

I’ve never experienced such an onerous set of rules for a loaner and it left me with a very bad opinion of this dealership, even though the service itself was very good.
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