Loud humming/buzzing sound from speakers


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I have an '09 Genesis Sedan 3.8, without the tech package. I use my iPhone for everything. Nav, radio etc. The other day I got in like I always do, started up, backed out of the driveway and plugged my phone in (far enough away from the wifi of my house). Out of nowhere, this extremely loud buzzing sound starts coming from the dash. As I increase in speed, it gets louder. I'm freaking out about this, as I have a 70 mile commute to the office. I then turned the radio off. It went away.

So I've figured it out to be coming from the speakers. It's done it for a couple of days now and it's killing me. Anyone have an experience like this?

I use the Hyundai iPod cable. It is an iPhone 5 and I use the lightening to 30 pin adapter on it, but I've never had this problem until a couple days ago.


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I don't have your model Genny nor have I had this problem so the following is just generic based upon history with radios in general.

Humming/buzzing is usually a ground problem or, should I say, a lack of ground problem. Radio chassis should be firmly grounded to the car frame and the dash may have to be taken partially apart to see if this is true.

Does the sound rise or fall with engine RPM? Does it change pitch when you use other electric features such as windows, cigar lighter, headlights or windshield wipers etc.?

Is the sound constant or intermittent (such as when hitting a bump in the road)?

Does the sound happen when using the radio without the iPod? And when plugging in the iPod cable are you sure it is firmly seated?

I spotted this notice in my owners manual:

When using a portable audio device
connected to the power outlet, noise may
occur during playback. If this happens,
use the power source of the portable
audio device.


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I have the same issue as the OP, but it is a constant volume. It doesnt get louder or quieter with rpm or speed, or bumps. Happens with ipod, cds, and fm. Only way to turn it off is turn off the headunit. But when you turn it back on, it's back as it was before until it ramdomly goes away. Happens every 2 days.


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My problem was not exactly the same but it was a two year ordeal getting it fixed. They replaced two amps and then had to replace the head unit. It would have loud buzzing ,popping sounds at start up only in cold weather. Then it would go away or the radio would not work.


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I have a 2014 3.8 ultimate without the tech package. Although my player is different than yours being you have a changer and mine is single disc. I had the same loud humming/buzzing noise coming from my from my dash.

First I thought it had to be some kind of HVAC blower or actuator going out.. then one day I was just pissed about something (divorce related lol) and I punched the dash. Buzzing stopped!! But it came back again. In a few minutes. So I listened closely.

What I found is that it was the CD player drive itself. I took the dash around the player apart, opened the player up and cleaned/lubricated the drive motor, reinstalled everything which was also missing two screws from someone prior, problem solved..

Dealer won't do that, they will just replace the entire unit.. just my experience.


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I had the issue of a hum that changes pitch with the RPMs and gets louder as you turn up the volume. Happened only on AUX. Ground loop isolator helped but was still very intrusive. I ended up getting a new USB/AUX hub and solved the problem. Not too hard to do, just unbolt the center console. Just make sure to get the correct one, I believe 12-14 is different than 09-11 as the first one I bought had electrical connections.