low mileage used G70?


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California dealers are offering used G70's with less than 1000 miles on them. Their sticker prices are about $4000 less than the new cars. They claim these were promotional models used during a professional golf tournament.

Do you think I should save the $4000 and get one of these over new car? If it's too good to be true it usually isn't.

Also- with a just arrived car such as this, you think is any negotiating room in price? I could easily wait six months or more before I trade in my G80 for a 70. You think final prices would come down a lot by then?


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If they are selling them as used then you will lose the 10/100k warranty and associates services. Generally with promotional/demo cars they sell as new so you get all the benefits of a first time owner but verify with them to be sure. $4k off sounds like a good starting point and you can always try to negotiate some more off plus you will also have the loyalty discount.

Who knows what will happen in 6 months, if you want to get the car now you might as well go for it.
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