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Took the Genny in for an oil change and the mechanic noticed the coolant was discolored. I told him to stick the gauge on it to see the actual freezing point (which was -15 Celsius (in Canada, that just won't cut it). So, added that to the list and also had them do the differential oil change. Oh! And replace the burnt out driver side marker light (which cost almost as much as the diff fluid change). But at least ALL the maintenance is done. Previous owner had just done the transmission fluid, coil packs and plugs as well as new pads and rotors, so I should be good for a while!
The Hyundai dealer I go to (so far) has been great. While I was sitting in the lounge, my cell phone went off and I saw a text from the dealer saying they sent me a video. The video was the mechanic showing what he had found and what he recommended to be done. Shortly after that, the service advisor came out, and I told her I wanted to physically go in the shop and see this for myself. That was met with "no problem! Follow me!".
They also ended up asking how long I've had the Genny (3.8 tech package sedan) and how do I like it. I don't mean 1 person, 2 advisors, the mechanic and the the detailer. I've never been to a dealer with this atmosphere. I'm very happy! And I guess lucky to have a dealer like this.


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Curious, what's the mileage on the car? Some of that is high mileage maintenance.
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