money pits.. building, rebuilding, or modifying old cars.

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I have a 1939 Ford Tudor Hot Rod. I love the car, but damn is it a money pit.

it was built back in 1997 had less than 20K miles on it, but after the G80 was rear ended I used it daily. The option was at the time put $500-$600 into the '39 for tires and some other small things to make it safe for daily use. or use that $500-$600 for a rental car.

Well it seems using it so much, after having had it sit for so long, on and only being driven 100 miles a month or so, rattled a bunch of stuff loose.

I was experiencing some over heat and under heat issues with the car, which usually points to the t-stat, but it didn't have a t-stat. I removed it awhile back trying to sort out the overheat issue, so I was running full coolant at all times, some times it would jump to 230°-240° other times it wouldn't get past 130° and would sputter and chug along. a tapping in the engine. . exhaust header bolts loose, 2 fell out.. Then the day before the G80 was done, the carburetor took a dump and started spraying fuel all over the engine.

Ended up replacing the intake manifold, carburetor, distributor, water neck, radiator hose, air cleaner, basically everything on top of the motor. $2K in parts. But now it runs like a champ, pulls much harder, starts right up, gets to temp (185°) and stays there, fans come on when they are supposed to, t-stat opens and closes as it should (I put a cool-view t-stat housing in so I can see the t-stat working), it chirps the tires through all the gears.. Runs great. .


the rattles started, rattles in the doors, in the trunk, under the car, then it rained and I found water in the trunk.

found the leak, fixed that.
found the rattles in the back, shock bolts loose, bumper bolts loose.
found the rattles in the doors, one latch is broken, can't open the door with the electric popper any more, only the inside handle, tore it apart last night and the latch is done, the bear claw just flops around, power window on the same door won't work, regulator is toast.

$1500 in parts ordered to day to replace the latches, handles, solenoids, regulators, etc. in the doors, as well as new panels and carpeting for the trunk as it all got ruined with the leak.

oh yeah and then of course the 40-50 year old headlights stopped working (was converted from the 6v to 12v halogens back in the 60s I think) and they don't make the parts, so I had to buy NOS parts to rebuild them. Decided to go with LED headlights and turn signals, so I needed new lenses, and housings.. $700 later.

ugh.. money pits.

But I own this car because I love to tinker and I wanted something that had no computers or technical stuff, something as basic as can be, only some minor comforts like power windows.


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that's half the fun of old project cars, they keep you busy. My LS swapped 1987 Nissan 300zx kept my tools busy

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