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More Genesis GV60 Information

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A week ago Genesis releaed a new battery of official pictures (we wonder why these were not the first) of its GV60 first dedicated electric vehicle. But there is still much to see and today we want to share this pictures where we can see an illuminated Crystal Sphere and the smart key which has a completely new design.

What we know so far?

With the introduction of the GV60, Genesis is redefining the experience of luxury electric vehicles, combining youthful athleticism with sustainable technology to create a new path for drivers who are focused on a better future.

But the GV60 does much more than bring luxury driving to an EV – offering style, power, and sustainability all in one place. With design details, the GV60 creates unbounded mobility experiences that are tailored to our modern lifestyles.

From interactive driving features to exterior details that transcend boundaries, here are some design highlights from the GV60.

Quad Lamps
The Quad Lamps resulting in the distinctive Two Lines graphic down to side is one of the most unique design signatures of Genesis. The GV60 reinterprets and enhances this signature into a sporty, dynamic double wedge that emphasizes the GV60 as the most athletic Genesis ever. When you see the fast moving Two Lines signature on the road passing by in silence, it can only be a GV60. The Two Lines are us. Read more and see more pictures...

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I'm a retired physicist and a bit fascinated by hydrogen fuel cell technology. After reading the post above, I did a little digging and found some more information, on a variety of H2 fuel cell topics, from Hyundai here:
Hyundai Motor Company Worldwide website | Hyundai Worldwide

And this article, written in mid-2018, points out some issues that H2-powered vehicles will have to overcome: https://www.energy.gov/eere/fuelcells/fuel-cells

And if you want to know how they work, this site provides a simplified-but-informative description:

Is the GV60 the 'car of the future'? Only time will tell....