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Motor Trend Comparison - Genesis wins


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But then St. Antoine drove the Genesis. After which, he had this to say: "Yeow! Really impressive, with quick turn-in, flat cornering, lots of grip, good balance. Have to rank it the best handler." He was not alone. Martinez says, "The 3.8-liter is the best sounding of the V-6 bunch. It's responsive and revs quickly." Loh sums up: "The Genesis feels milled from a solid billet of aluminum alloy. It has that feeling of lightness and stiffness that just makes everything else seem to work better -- from the way the steering feels to the way the chassis responds to bumps to the way the powertrain puts the power down. Sure, the Mustang may make the value proposition, but for the extra bit of dough, I'd rather have the Genesis. It's just more fun to drive." That, in a nutshell, was what pushed the Hyundai ahead of the new Ford.

Compared to three domestics, the Genesis offered the finest, most driver-focused sensations from behind the wheel. It was the only one that felt like a genuine sports car. While the views out of the Americans' windshields were obstructed with long, bulging hoods, the perspective from the Hyundai's seat presented nothing but the road ahead. Want to focus on that apex ahead? It's right there in plain sight, never hiding behind an enlarged concept-car fender. The Hyundai's seat position, too, felt lower to the ground, bringing you closer to the action, more in touch with the asphalt below. The steering, a wee bit artificial in feel for our taste, nonetheless proved linear and intuitive, and the Brembo brakes provided nothing but stout, fade-free stopping force.

The Genesis talent show continued at the test track, where it put down a 0-to-60 sprint of 5.4 seconds and a quarter-mile run of 14.2 at 99.2 mph. Not as speedy as the slightly lighter Mustang but still blazing. Its handling and braking numbers -- 0.94 g lateral accel, 25.4 at 0.71 g figure eight, 111 feet from 60 to 0 -- were just as rousing, with the figure-eight time taking top honors. Overall, this 3.8 Track was the sweetest-handling Genesis Coupe we've ever tested, bettering previous bests of 0.92 g and 25.6 at 0.75 g. The secret? Part number 00118-2M001. Cost? Brace yourself -- $30 big ones. Okay, we're talking about port-installed camber bolts -- they're standard with the racy 2.0T R-Spec -- that increase front camber from 0.5 to 2.1 degrees. If you are wondering whether they're worth a nice steak dinner, then you should probably stop reading this.

Now if you've stopped poring over this prose so you can head to your local Hyundai dealer, well, then we can't fault you. At $25,750 to start ($25,780 with the camber bolts, $31,280 with the bolts and Track Package), it's the hustlecar we'd buy.


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In the V6 grouping, it won hands down. In the V8 grouping, the V6 coupe came in second beating the V8 Camaro SS and Challenger SRT8 and only losing to the Mustang GT. Now that's impressive!


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Wasn't the coupe designed to fight/beat the Mustang??


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Yes but in this trial, it is the 2010 V6 Genesis coupe vs the 2011 V8 Mustang GT that was redesigned to take on Hyundai. Ford's V6 Mustang lost to the coupe. Price of the tested V8 Mustang GT is $39,755 vs $31,470 Gennie coupe. Now that is value! Price for the losers: Camaro $36,465 and Challenger SRT8 $46,785 (both are V8's)


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Did you watch the video on the first page of the review? I love the way the GC comes sliding in from the side, in front of the three American "muscle" cars! :cool:
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