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Motorweek Road Test Video and Comparison With Camaro


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Hit the link for the road test.


Not much insight in the comparison w/ the Camaro.

So, are these two V6 sport coupes that much alike after all? We're now not so sure.

If you love Asian DNA, you will be drawn to the Genesis Coupe. And, it did best the Camaro in acceleration and handling.

But, if you want a great looking car that also relives Detroit's glory days, the Camaro is a powerful magnet. And, since these cars are much about their appeal to all of our senses, that's we way we'd go too.

So, in the end it was not muscle that made the Camaro V6 our pick, but rather a combo of nostalgia, power that's fast and thrifty, great breaks, better ride, lower price, and of course styling that makes you grin from ear to ear.

But, even if you don't agree with us, both the Chevrolet Camaro and Hyundai Genesis Coupe will make you look forward to that morning commutes.
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