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Need help with my 2011 4.6 Genesis Sedan rear brake(s) replacement


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I am looking for information about rear brake replacement on my 2011 Genesis Sedan 4.6
I intend to replace pads and probably rotors also. I have replaced the front brakes (rotors and pads). Nice quality front brake design, it is a rather easy job.

Before I get into replacing the rear brakes I wonder:
  1. Is there an appropriate thread I should look for? I can't seem to find my answer.
  2. Are there any issues with Emergency/Parking Brake (de-engage / release) in order to remove pads?
  3. Is it worth replacing the rear Rotors? - I replaced the front rotors. To me the ease of front rotor replacement makes it a no brainer to replace them.
  4. Anything I should look out for?
Thanks for your help,
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