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Need service on my 2015 Genesis 3.8 HTRAC in NYC or Northern NJ...recommendations?


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I am overdue for my first service. I work in Hackensack, NJ but I live in Queens, NY. Any recommendations on where I could go for the best service experience?


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How wrong could you go with Hyundai Paramus? It's the town next door to Hackensack. They may even have a shuttle bus to take you to your office. My hometown is Teaneck. I miss Bergen County. When I was there, it was common to see folks like Pat Boone, Elston Howard, Jim Bouton, Dave Winfield, The Isley Bros. and Ben E. King walking around.
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Queens, NY
I live in Queens and have used Star Hyundai to service for my Elantra, Sonata and Geneis (2012 and 2015). I have not had any significant issues with them and best of all, they have Saturday hours. It's not the plushest place and could use some upgrading but for me its convenient and they do decent work.
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