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Need some help choosing tires for my 12' 3.8


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Carson Ca
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1G Genesis Sedan (2009-2014)
I recently bought some Aodhan DS02 from another Genesis owner. I bought his coilovers a few months ago and I've been driving with them on for like a month.
His was a '13 Rspec with the BC Racing coils and 19x9.5 DS02's.
What he told me was that the OEM tires( 235/45/19) fit the wheels with no rubbing or no spacers.
He also told me if I go with a 245, they may rub in the back.
I have to go through America's Tires bc I have a gift certificate there, but they have little options for a 235, but they have alot of options for a 245.

I want to pick up some tires this weekend bc there will be a sale for labor day.
I'm looking for a good all season with some performance aspect to it. Living in SoCal, it's dry most of the time.
Any recommendations?
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