3.3T [need technical Help] Installing active sound exhaust (sound generator + booster)


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I’ve ordered an active sound exhaust, aka sound booster/generator .. since I couldn’t find any workshop, that knows how to install this device. I must do it myself and need some technical assistance from you guys.

the device is basically a subwoofer that reacts to the engine rpm and assists the exhaust sound with a deeper tone, which you can control via an app.

To install it:
1. I need to connect it to the CAN-bus, so it could read idle, and engine rpm.
2. I need to connect it to a fuse that’s only on with the ignetion (like the cigarette lighter) and should work with remote start.
3. grounding (easy)
4. Run the cables to the bottom of the car outside, since I’m planning to install it in the exterior next to the exhaust. And for that I need a hole to run the wires out.

Does anyone know an easy accessible place to find the CAN high/low wires? It’s usually found in the fuel pump control module (where can I find it in the back? Left/right?) and how do I recognize the CAN wires (pinout anyone?)

can I use any of the fuses in the trunk? Which one would work in this instance?

Is there an existing hole/cap in trunk, so I could run the wires out. If not where would be a good spot to drill? Should I just use a regular home drill for This?
I will be installing two sound actuators/generators. One on each side FYI (thought about the back side of the middle hole in the trunk, where the battery is placed. That way I can run the wires to the sound generators left and right). Or do you have a better idea?

I will post a link for the installation on a bmw just so you get the idea. Unfortunately most of the installation tutorials are in german, but it has subtitles at least.

in this video it was installed in the trunk, I don’t think The g70 has room for that in the trunk, especially with the spare tyre.

I couldn’t find the service and maintenance manual for the g70 online. If you find it please share it with me. I only found the ones for the g80 and the stinger, and am not sure how similar they are to the g70. They were very different from each other.

I will be grateful for any helpful information 🙏🏼


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