NEW Guy from Vancouver

Welcome to the bog. :welcome:
You have found the right place to correspond with some of the most knowledgeable Genesis owners in the world. Most of these owners have been there and done that and are more than willing to help out.
I suggest that you search the threads for questions you have of equipment you are looking for or curious about. In many cases the information is readily available.
In the meantime enjoy your Genesis. You have made a great choice in the purchase of this car.
I have owned and driven any cars over the years and I have a soft spot in my heart for a couple of them, but my Genesis is right up there on my list of great cars.
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Hey guys thanks for the Welcomes and the Info, it will be great to get to know you. I have a coupe as well and absolutely love it so i have no doubt that the sedan will be just as nice :)
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Hey what colour is your car? how long have you had it, I also have a White coupe with black wheels, i am pretty sure I'm the only white one that has some things done to it in maple ridge :) hope to see you around


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Hey, Its Black and shiny and I have had it since new in 2009. Love it, no problems except the Dunlop tires of which I just got rid of. I have R Spec tires and rims now and they are the answer, nice and smooth and no road noise of which the Dunlops had. The handling is also 100% better. So, you have a coupe and sedan. I will keep an eye open for you. Check out the Genesis Pictures Forum, my car is on the second page.

Cheers Kevin


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Vancouver B.C
sorry there but im probably going too keep these stock wheels on for a bit just bought the car recently. Im sure when i get tired of them i may throw on some new rims dont know if i will keep or sell stock ones though.


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Central Ohio
Where are all the Genesis cars? My wife and I are visiting Vancouver. We flew out from Ohio to Seattle, then drove a Chevy Cruze rental to Vancouver. Been in Vancouver for almost 4 days, and haven't seen a single Genesis. Plenty of Porsche,Audi, and especially lots of BMW,but not a single Genesis. While in Seattle, we stayed near Seatac and yes, not a single Genesis either.

We drove through Vancouver's Chinatown last night and I didn't dare stop. We couldn't believe how shabby and disreputable the street people seemed. Everyone it seemed had all their personal items spread out on blankets along Hastings street. I have never seen anything like it.
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