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A little bit about the car
2011 R-spec 2.0t

Kamak 16gtx
BTRcc race spec tune
Depo downpipe
test pipe
factory exhaust minus the rear muffler
Competition stage 4 clutch
typical set of gauges.. innovate WB, oil, boost..
Megan racing coilovers came with 8/7kgs springs but i'm about to go 7F/6R with a FEAL revalve
Mishimoto radiator
Mishimoto Intercooler on stock piping (about to change that to Depo w/ Precision)
EVO X injectors
Fabricated a cold air intake
Sparco seat bracket
Bride seat
Mostly gutted.. I believe the weight is down to roughly 3,0xx lbs depending on what wheels I have on the car.
A few more things i'm sure i'm forgetting to list off..


Just a parade lap around Waterford raceway to get some pics, lunch session is useful for this reason and this reason only.
Car was sitting on 17 x 8" Continental slicks
For the '13 season i'm switching things up a bit.. going 18 x 9.5" square RPF1 with Toyo R88's in 255 40 18 square.

It's a NASA TTC build. Cage, and a few other things are planned for the winter.
The car was bought 4 months ago.. so progress is being made relatively quickly. LOL


Hasn't posted much yet...
The fog light grills are back on the bumper. I had the car apart the night before to do some work and was too lazy to put everything back together. :)
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