No Augmented Reality HUD for GV60?


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One difference I've noticed with the GV60 specs compared to the Ioniq5 and EV6 is the lack of an Augmented Reality HUD for the GV60. Both of the other brands/models have it listed but Genesis don't mention it in their press releases or on their website, and in their Korean configurator it's just a regular HUD not an AR HUD? Genesis do mention that Augmented Reality navigation is available but only in the dash/ccIC (connected car Integrated Cockpit) not in the HUD.

Not a deal breaker for me, but certainly a surprise as the Genesis has been advertised as the most technically advanced of the three models. Maybe they'll add it later? Here is a video of the Ioniq5 AR HUD in action: Ioniq5 AR HUD certainly looks cool.

Here is a shot of the HUD in the Genesis GV60, no AR present:


Here is a shot of the AR HUD in action in the EV6:

Shot of the Ioniq5 AR HUD:
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The GV60 has a new infotainment software that's capable of displaying navigation (including AR) on the driver's display, similar to Cadillac's recent Escalade, which is a feature that the Ioniq 5 and EV6 don't have. I suppose Genesis deliberately omitted the AR HUD because of the potential for confusion/distraction when the AR navigation is already being used.
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