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*Official* First Annual Big Tex Hyundai Meet - Aug. 13th to 15th


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The following is the information about the first annual Big Tex Hyundai meet. Please be sure to check through all the information, ask any questions here, mark it on your calendars, spread the word to other forums social networking and friends, and then show up to be heard!

Date: Friday August 13th through Sunday August 15th.
Place: Austin, TX
Who: This big statewide meet is for all Hyundai enthusiasts. If you don't own one, not to worry. Still swing by to see what all the fuss is about ;) .

Tentative Agenda:

...Friday August, 13th...

This will be primarily a travel day to allow for others to get off or out of work and drive to Austin. As we have several members from all corners of the state, it was decided that the meet should be as centrally located as possible to provide both the best turn out as well as opportunity for everyone to have fair travel times and costs.

We will be meeting up at North by Northwest Restaurant and Brewery at 8 PM that evening to have dinner and for everyone to get to know each other in a nice environment with good food and prices. The 8 PM time is to allow even those that work Friday to still have plenty of time to drive out to Austin and try to meet up for the meet and greet diner. The address for the restaurant is:

North by Northwest Restaurant & Brewery
10010 Capital of TX Hwy N
Austin, TX 78759

There are several levels of hotels available near by to this restaurant on the north side of Austin. Please be sure to book your own overnight arrangements. I choose to do this over trying to arrange a rate at a single hotel as each persons tastes are different and better prices can be found when hunting solo on travel planning sites like hotels.com, orbitz.com, or similar.

...Saturday, August 14th...

We will plan to meet back at North by Northwest restaurant parking lot the following morning at 8 AM where we will regroup and then plan to head out towards Lake Travis by sometime between 8:30 AM to 9 AM. This also give people who come in late and miss diner a chance to catch up and do a quick intro to the rest before we head out. From there, we will head the following direction:

1 - North along Highway 183 towards Cedar Park
2 - We will Exit Anderson Mill Road and turn left
3 - We will follow along Anderson Mill Road until we get to Lime Creek Road where we will turn left again.

From there we will either be stopping to spend the day at Sandy Creek Park or Cypress Creek Park (location pending additional info from Travis County Parks and Rec) along this road.

This location is great for a number of reasons:

A) Very Scenic drive along the quieter side of Lake Travis
B) Park provide BBQ pits, tables and restrooms to accommodate for lunch
C) Lime Creek Road (aka FM 2769) is a nice curvy road for those that want to enjoy a bit of driving up and down
D) Provide access to Lake Travis for those that may want to swim a bit in the hot August heat lol or nice park areas for maybe a game of football or something similar (I have access to flags for flag football if people are interested and let me know)

We will spend the majority of the day here where we can provide various activities to everyone to fit everyone's interests. This will include a possible small car show with prizes (still working on this and will post more later). *NOTE* Please keep in mind that these parks do require a $10 fee for a day pass, so plan on this for the cost of your trip. Remember, cash in exact change is always appreciated. I will see about working with the Parks and Rec to reserve a section and or get a discount rate if possible as I get a list of who is coming. This may require a deposit, however, so we will play it by ear.

At the end of the day, we will cruise together back towards Anderson Mill Road to return to Highway 183 where we will meet up at Main Event Entertainment for dinner. Main Event Entertainment provides:

1) Bowling
2) Laser Tag
3) Billiards
4) Arcade
5) Rock Climbing
6) Glow Mini Golf
7) Cafe
8) Full Service Bar

Main Event Entertainment - Austin, TX
13301 N. US Hwy 183
Austin, TX 78750

So, people who want to chill and shoot some pool while getting a beer or drink can while others who still have some energy and want to do something more can. Again, I am going to contact Main Event to see about rates for our group once I get a count of an approximate size to see about discounts or other specials we may be able to get and will update where needed.

Afterward, everyone will depart for their own hotels or accommodations.

...Sunday, August 15th...

This is a per travel day to go home and get some rest before the work week. We may try to work a morning breakfast if people are interested, but I have a feeling that most will want to sleep in and or do their own thing around Austin and then leave at their own time discretion.

That's it! Again, any comments or questions can be posted here or PMed to me and I will try to get back to you asap. I do wish to ask the following...

I need:

1) A Person from different areas (San Antonio, DFW, etc.) to help arrange a meeting spot local in your town for other members to meet up to cruise into Austin. I will be working Houston, but definitely need some help for the other big areas. Please PM me if you are interested.

2) If you post a link or copy this info to another forum or location and people respond that they plan to come. Please either request they register with Genesis Coupe.com to post their interest or at least comment or add them to the list so I can get as accurate a head count as possible. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT as it is the only way I can know how much to plan for food for mid day Saturday as well as to see about group rates.

3) If you plan to or are going to attend, please copy and add yourself to the list of those attending that I will start below. It is very important that you list your vehicle and color so that others know what to look for when meeting up initially.

List of those attending:
1. WildBill - 3.8 Genesis Coupe Track Mirabeau Blue
http://www.Genesis Coupe.com/south/40663-official-first-annual-big-tex-hyundai-meet-aug-13th-15th.html



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We are working with Harris Hill Road Track to give us a cheap one hour slot on Sunday to do some basic track time for everyone interested. The tentative plan is to meet up at the track just a bit south of Austin in San Marcos on Sunday at 12:30 pm. There will be a bit brief 20 minute driver meeting to orientate everyone. After that, everyone will proceed with a lead and follow lap with instructors before going on to have a 3 person staggered hot laps for all. It would end about 2 PM ish. Per Harris Hills Track, the cost of the brief event would be $500 plus tax for however many people we bring. So, for example, if we have 20 people, that would mean each person would pay about $25 ish dollars. The more people we have, the cheaper it is, but the track time will have to be dived out a bit more. The opposite is true with more track time, but slightly higher amount if there is less people.

While this is not intended to be a true track day, Harris Hills is interested in providing new people some basic track experience to see how they like it.

SO...who's interested and or now up for the weekend meet??


Ron Veenker

Been here awhile...

I would love to get one of these going for southeastern North Carolina and northeastern South Carolina!

Anyone interested? :welcome::)



Getting familiar with the group...
The track idea sounds like a good time. I will try to make it but won't know what my schedule looks like until the beginning of the month. How many people do you have so far?


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So far we have about 20 people signed up. This includes about 15 to 17 various Hyundai owners bringing their vehicles.



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Because the OP here is out of date, please do the following:

Big Hyundai meet coming up in Austin! Check the OP in the link for the most up to date info (updated 8/1/10).

http://www.Genesis Coupe.com/south/40663-official-first-annual-big-tex-hyundai-meet-aug-13th-15th.html#post400365

Here is a list of current various forum members going:

1. WildBill - 3.8 Track Mirabeau Blue
2. BoostinGC - Nord Gray 2.0T Track
3. XxkevinchuxX - Eclipse (color?)
4. mfu603 - 2.0T Track Pack (color?)
5. kamekonig- 2.0t track black. possible. not sure yet
6. Killa_G - White 2.0T R-Spec
7. DezinerGEN - 80% sure I can go.
8. Demonik - 3.8 Track Bathurst Black
9. Reyrey - 3.8 Base Mirabeau Blue
10. CrookedH
11. Cycon82 -03 Rally red Tib
12. Tracer - 06 Electric red Tib
13. VDog -03 alpine white Tib
14. ATXRio - 08 Sunset orange Rio
15. KaziKid03 - 2003 Tib GT Black, Lightly Modded
16. jesco12000
17. HotLZGT - AMB 3.8 GT
18. Indiscriminate - LRGreen Genesis Coupe Track
19. Simplefast - 2005 Noble White Tiburon SE
20. Simplefast Friend - Purple Honda S2000
21. Noex (maybe) - White 2.0T RSpec M/T
22. Fixer - 03 tib - Mesquite
23. Kitty - 07 tib - Mesquite
24. druperez04 - 07 tib - Ft. Worth
25. ck2118 (maybe) - Hyundai Genesis 4.6 V8 Tau Sedan



Hasn't posted much yet...
The track idea sounds like a good time. I will try to make it but won't know what my schedule looks like until the beginning of the month. How many people do you have so far?
I will add you to the list as a maybe. Please repost when you can confirm either way, thanks.



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Final Bump!

Also, requiem & Pcload1etter, I replied to yalls PMs.



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Definitely count me in! :grouphug: I'll be in an evo x I'm flying back into town on Friday night so I will meet up with you guys on Saturday early :)
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Austin, TX
I'll be there. I have yet to meet any new owners, but it sounds like a blast. I actually live off 1431 about 5 mins from lime creek road. Harris hill would be awesome!


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Houston, TX
This sounds like a cool event...how did it go?

And maybe it's time for another Texas get-together.
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