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1G Genesis Sedan (2009-2014)
I bought my 2012 Hyundai Genesis 5.0 R Spec exactly 2 weeks ago. Car performed great for a week and then suddenly on the highway one day the transmission went nuts. Sliding in and of gear, slamming into gears on up and downshift. Engine light on by the time I limped her home.. P0841 code. We wound up at the dealership and they updated the car with TSB 14-AT-001. Car still shifting poorly although it's no longer sliding out of gear. It does however over rev between gears and hits hard on what should be gentle downshifts when decelerating at 40 mph or so. Occasional harsh up shifts as well and she seems to get lost between gears under acceleration. I am taking her back to the service dept. tomorrow, I'm thinking we will replace the Trans fluid pressure switch. I purchased the car with just 63k miles and a clean Carfax.. it is a extremely nice vehicle and other than this issue everything works as it should. For the first week I can say with a very good amount of certainty that I was very impressed by her and happy with my purchase. A great combination of Luxury and performance. Unfortunately it is not warranted and I am paying out of pocket to get the car back on track.. a tough pill to swallow when I just purchased her. That said, I am up for the challenge and want that happy feeling while driving her back ! Any advice I can get from you good people/Genesis owners here on this forum is greatly appreciated. The dealership will likely try different things as we go and it could get expensive. I'd love to get to the heart of it instead of throwing good money after bad. Thanks for your time and effort, I look forward to your responses. Rick.