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Does anyone know if the Electronic Park Brake works on the rear caliper pads or is it brake shoes working
on the interior surface of the rear brake rotors ? [ 2016 model 3.8 ]

We all know how troublesome a park brake can be when it goes wrong :ohyeah:


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I am taking a guess for the '16, but I suspect it is just like it is on my '14; The EPB operates a drum brake inside of the rear wheel disk/drum. Someone with more specific knowledge can confirm or correct... Are you experiencing any issues? The EPB is supposed to be auto adjusting, and any issue would throw a light on the dash if not working properly.


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Are you talking about the parking brake, or the automatic brake hold? For me the brake hold is released with the gas pedal, the parking brake is released when changing to Reverse or Drive from park. (If I engage the parking brake while in Neutral, I have to manually disengage it even when changing back into Drive.) The two systems are separate and perform different functions. The automatic brake "locks" line pressure using the ABS system to hold your vehicle in place, releasing as soon as you touch the go pedal.
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