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Passenger seat controls


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Genesis G70
Here is an unexpected benefit of the controls on the driver side of the front passenger seat. In laws were visiting for holiday and we went for a drive in the G70. Brother in law in passenger seat and my wife behind him. On return as he exited his seat he accidentally pressed his hand on the recline button on the outside bottom of the seat controls. He was lifting himself from the seat and did not realize what he was doing. He is a bit of an oaf so this is not surprising. Wife shouted STOP! as her legs were being pressed into the rear seat. I was still in my driver seat and pressed the button on my side of his seat to move seatback into normal position. She has bruises on her knees but further damage averted. B-i-l still has no idea what happened. Next time someone is in that seat with passenger in rear I will stay in driver seat a few seconds to be certain passengers are safe from oafish behavior.
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