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Power Stall when turning left to change lanes in stop and go traffic


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I've never experiencing anything close to this in my 2012. Are you saying that the engine shuts off when applying throttle? I sometimes get hesitation from a dead stop, but that's only when I've managed to break the tires loose and the ESC intrudes.


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Problem totally fixed now. I am convinced that they understand problem although not disclosing it. I felt certain that this stalling is/was related to inability to fill my gas tank - when trying to pump gas into car the gas station pump handle would constantly shut off.

My problem is TOTALLY fixed now. Stalling would happen when slowing to stop or, worst case, slowing from 55 to turn left in 4 lane divided highway and car stalled in oncoming lanes - I was able to coast through lanes having given myself a safe amount of distance but it felt very close to a devastating accident.

The problem was fixed some time ago - can't recall when - it seemed to me that the company DID figure this out behind the scenes - they had my car for a day, the service guy told me about the 3 or 4 things they were doing, but not being a car mechanic type I do not recall anything he said. I just know that now I can fill my gas tank without having to work the pump constantly, and, no stalls since repairs.


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I notice the same problem with my 2010 4.6. kind of scary, making turn with cars coming, hit gas, nothing, then wow, takes off. never know when it will happen. I always leave the ESC on however, never thought of turning it off. Another trick I use when pulling out into traffic is start in 2nd then go to drive. Even with ESC on the wheels tend to spin under hard acceleration. Also gives a smoother take off. I don't care for the gearing, first gear is to low for me. Maybe the newer cars with 8 speeds are better, (or worse)


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When I had my 2012 3.8 I noticed this a lot, it almost feels like its searching for the right gear then bam it accelerates, I swear I was gonna get t boned quite a few times. But I learned to drive around this you gotta give it a good amount of the go pedal, if you baby the gas pedal when you take off it usually does it.

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I hate to bump an old thread, but I am looking to purchase a used genesis coupe and I couldn't help but notice that not a single post in this thread mentioned the 2.0T. Is this problem exclusive to the six and eight-cylinder engines or does it apply to the four-cylinder as well? Also, nobody specified that they were not a left foot breaker. Was the stalling problem directly linked to two-foot driving?
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