Power steering Issues?


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I have had my 2011 Genesis Sedan 4.6 now for about 3 months and one thing has been nagging me and I cannot figure out if this is normal for these cars or not. When driving above 40mph the steering stiffens to the point it feels like I'm driving without power steering. Now small input say i move the wheel a few degrees clock wise or counter clock wise its not noticeable. Now say if I am driving spiritedly on a road like there are a few turns that are long that can be taken at above 40 speeds the wheel I have to crank and fight against it to turn. Also if decelerating while doing this once it drops to about 35 its almost like power steering kicks back in and because I'm turning so hard I jerk the wheel. I have checked the power steering fluid and it was a little low and refilled it with Hyundai recommended fluid but no change. Is this normal for these cars? I know they have electronic assist with adaptive steering.

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That's the adaptive part. Faster driving stiffens the feel of the wheel. But I haven't noticed anything really radical. You might talk to the dealership about it if you are concerned. BTW, shifting to sport mode will stiffen the steering response as well.
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