Probably my last post, here's a history I had with my '09 4.6L after almost a decade, now at 101K miles


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A lot has changed since I first bought my 2009 4.6L w/ Tech Pkg.

I was single and super young, now I'm married with a 3 month old. I was in love with the car when it first came out. I was receiving compliments and remarks every week at a parking lot, gas station, etc. People asked if it was a Bentley, people said it looked so nice and I thought I was so cool. I blacked out the car with tints and painted all the chrome, I was driving it to clubs and getting lots of looks, I thought I was a pimp. The V8 was the best ride ever, it effortlessly passed cars on the highway. I waxed my car every two weeks, I added yellow fog lights, etc etc. Well that was for the first two years, After that, I guess I got bored and I started to run into some issues with the car. Below I want to share what I went through with 2009's North American Car of the year.

Things that were covered under the warranty:
- Subwoofer blew out early on, covered under the electronics warranty
- Steering wheel tilt shift part was replaced since the steering wheel stopped responding to any adjustment
- Two engine replacements under the 100K warranty, (engine lights, misfire codes, spark plugs didn't fix it, etc.)

Things Hyundai paid for not covered my warranty:
- Radiator and second steering wheel tilt shift failure: I was near 95K miles and I realized during the two engine replacement sessions that I was in a rental and or loaner car for a total of 3-4 months total. I asked them to foot the bill since I was not able to drive the car that I was paying for and after some negotiations, Hyundai Corporate decided to cover my broker radiator and thermometer while they were replacing my engine for the second time

Ongoing issues that I have currently that I am not willing to pay to repair:
- Correct alignment: so there were a lot of 2009 users here stating their car would pull to the left or right and shops only align it to the specs given by the manufacturer thus there's always a pull. I have to hold the steering wheel in order for the car to go straight and I've given up. There was only one time the alignment was perfect but I lost the measurements of the work that was done.
- Rear view camera dies out intermittently: Especially in the hot summers. I have to open the trunk and jab the camera area with an open palm and I assume the wiring is making a connection again
- Driver side handle bar lock/unlock broken: In one of the cold winters I guess the button was frozen and I pressed really hard in order to unlock my car using the door handle. Since then it's crapped out so I have to either use the passenger side door handle or use my remote to unlock/lock.
- Random engine light with a code about the oxygen sensor: Threads here mentioned a faulty oxygen sensor and that it's no biggie and so I have my local shop just reset the light. It turns on once in a while and it goes away intermittently.
- Foglight switch sometimes doesn't turn on the foglights, I have to rotate the knob a few times to get the foglights to stick on, probably loose wiring over time
- Car seat settings do not stick, over time I have to re-do them, also I cannot keep my steering wheel setting so it rises up for convenient exit out of the car because of said tilt switch part.

Things that I've had replaced:
- Radiator & Thermostat
- Alternator

Things I really miss that my car doesn't have:
- Better bluetooth integration: Just a matter of age on this almost decade old car, but I miss that even the cheapest Elantras or Nissans all have auto-play media right when you start the car if it detects your phone. I like to stream my google music playlist and with my Genesis, I have to manually select AUX and open my app up on my phone, etc. etc. Also the Genesis doesn't auto download your contacts
- Smoother suspension: just comes with time I suppose, whenever I drive over uneven ground my steering wheel goes crazy which is annoying

Things I cherish about the car:
- The quality of the interior: I love the quality of leather, the craftsmanship of the dash. I truly found the dashboard to be beautifully laid out and its so minimal in design
- Love the side air vents for the passengers in the back
- Love the sound system
- V8 engine taking regular gas
- Adaptive headlights
- full coverage airbags, its an extremely safe car

Things I won't miss:
- Wheel alignment that was never ever perfectly aligned, I hate my car pulling when I take my hands off the wheel!
- sluggish acceleration, Hondas/Toyotas don't have this issue, I really wonder what happened here with the '09 Genesis
- Brake pedal having to be pressed down much further down in order for the brakes to be applied, again Honda/Toyota brakes are responsive even with a slight press, not the Genesis

This is pretty much my summary of my relationship with my car. I have to really give it to the two Hyundai dealerships that dealt with the two complete engine replacement cases. They even gave me a free detailing because they had my car for so long. Hyundai corporate was really fair and generous with their offer to cover the costs of the radiator and second steering wheel tilt part replacement. The rep listened to my story and really pushed to get a reimbursement for me which they did.

The company as a whole is outstanding, their customer service is great and it took a lot of work to roll the 2009 Genesis out here into the States. It was a valiant effort but as you can see, Hyundai didn't get it right with their first year new model. I am never going to ever buy a first year new model again from any car brand. I learned a lot and wised up and realized you get the best bang for your buck on a used car thats low mileage and 1-2 years old.

From here on out I just have oil changes left since the engine was replaced at 98K or so. Probably take off the blacked out painted parts on the chrome accents, one more set of new tires and since I have a family now, I'll probably get an SUV next.

I appreciate all the friends and helpful tips I learned. We were pioneers taking a chance on the '09 Genesis and I'm sure the sentiment overall was, it was decent experience. I am unsure how many of us first generation Genesis owners even come here anymore, they probably all sold their cars by now.

I might come back to a hyundai after a 2 more generations but I am now thinking of going back to the tried and true Toyota family. Farewell guys and I'll be checking in on the forum once in a while! Cheers.
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sounds like my relationship with every Chrysler I have ever owned.

Good Luck with the Toyota. I've had several including Lexus', wife currently has a 2017 Camry, and they are solid quality cars, but not without their issues like everything else, my biggest issue with Toyota is their proprietary infotainment systems (no carplay or android auto) and their technology being a bit behind everyone else but their prices are higher.
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1st year run of a new vehicle is always tough though sounds like you had quite a bit of good with the bad. Good luck with your next vehicle!


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Bought my '09 4.6 privately, sold to Carmax when I bought my '12. Over the 2-1/2 years of ownership my '09 had the following repaired & replaced all under warranty:
* driver seat limit switches (twice).
* steering limit switches.
* back pass door lock solenoid.
* ABS HECU unit (pedal went to floor, no brakes).

Not repaired, just lived with:
* Intermittent silent amp bug (once/month)

My '12 4.6 has had replaced under warranty:
* roof strips repaired 3x including a roof repaint (prior owner).
* HECU unit.

Not repaired, just lived with:
* idler pulley bearing noise.
* Intermittent silent amp bug, twice in 2+ years.
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