Purchasing an Infinity Warranty From Hyundai


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2G Genesis Sedan (2015-2016)
My 2015 5.0 Genesis Ultimate warranty expires in 3,000 miles. I like my car more than I dislike it and know more things will fail as the car gains miles.

Hyundai has quoted me a Infinity Warranty 1 yr, or 12,000 miles for $1,400 / No Deductible - I only drive 12,000 miles a year on this car and may sell it after that. I'm inclined to do it because one of my active suspension front struts is failing now - which will be replaced hopefully next week under the warranty and I also had a total sun/moon roof replaced last year!


Are these Infinity Warranties any good? Hyundai says they're great since they service my car?
I know a lot of warranties are scams but since its from the dealer I expect they will honor it?

How many of you 5.0 Ultimate Genesis Owners have high mile cars and what has failed if anything on you cars?

Thanks for all comments - I believe these luxury cars are the best bang for the buck! I have owned all of the other foreign and domestic luxury brands and my car is as good or better!!


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Check with Crystal Carreau at Burlington Hyundai. I purchased a Platinum Hyundai warranty from her for my 2019 Santa Fe. Might be the best price around for your Genesis. Post when you get it.