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Quandry: want to buy the Sport Package but hate the sport wheels


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Genesis G70
Should be picking up a sport 3.3 in the next week or so but definitely not a fan of the 5 spokes and dark finish on them.

Don't particularly want to throw the money at a 2nd set of wheels either. Wonder why they don't give wheel options not tied to packages?


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Genesis G70
To anyone with the 19" 5-spoke who would like the 10-spoke instead, I will gladly swap with you. Just think, your car could look THIS cool:

What state are you in, Mr Yogurt? I really like the 10-spokes, but would only consider it if you were relatively close (which I assume you're not).


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As titled. I really think they messed up the wheel options and should at least let you choose between the 19 inch options. I love the chrome 10 spoke wheels, not so much the 5 spoke dark wheels,but I'd really likti get the sports tuned suspension. Anyone heard of a dealer swapping wheels between vehicles for someone? I'd hate to have to spend another $2k or so to get aftermarket wheels right off the bat.
Its funny reading your post because I agree with you 100%. I really do like the 10 spoke wheels and I was thinking the same thing. Why can't manufactures make it easier for us to get exactly what we want?


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Genesis G70
Admittedly, the dark 5 spoke wheels have ineeed grown on me since purchase about 2 weeks ago, that is until I see the 10 spoke option again. However, I'm now certain that the chrome wheels with darkened accents of the sport just would not mesh together.
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