Question regarding engine swap from 2013 to 2011 2.0T Premium


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Hello Genesis Owners Comunnity ,

I am new to the GenesisOwners forum . I’d like to introduce myself . I go by Leannhelathy online .Why you might ask ? Because I eat spinach salad for lunch . Rabbit food 4 life - I too am a genesis coupe owner .

Side note - Happened in state of California .

What will occur other than Whp loss from swapping a stock 2013 2.0t engine to 2011 2.0t engine ? I am asking Because the scenario I have in question has in fact happened to me thanks to A shady / sub-par used car dealership & shady tactics pertaining to my power train warranty .i received my vehicle back with A 2011 2.0T premium engine . The head appears to be re-surfaced & rebuilt . It’s the only part my engine that appears to be brand new .I am furious About the entire situation . I am really concerned about the reliability of the engine .

Id also like to ask if anybody knows what type of lawsuit / lawyer I’d speak to resolve the matter in court ? The dealership forged my signature on the warranty documents ( I never signed the warranty ) , left me without a vehicle for 60 days & lied about the engine my car was being replaced with . I was supposed to initially receive a brand new engine of my year & model , then due to cost & coverage of their “warranty “ I were to have A a 40k refurbished / tested engine of same year & model which I agreed to via text & I come to pickup my vehicle to find out A 2011 Hyundai Genesis engine with 147k miles is installed . My vehicle only had 71k miles when engine went to shit!

I am hoping to either recooperate the value difference of a 2011 to 2013 , or dealership owner pays the estimates I receive from reputable shops for the labor & purchase of 2013 engine , or have the dealership take vehicle back & refund all 15k I’ve paid Plus the 5k I currently own for the vehicle or have the dealership owner purchase a reputable engine of same specs & have installed by a reputable shop after engine is tested & hopefully he’ll serve jail time for forgeing my signuatre without my consent & falsely / fraudulently explaining the warranty coverage I paid for during initial purchase of vehicle.

Yes , I in-fact do have a 2013 Hyundai Genesis coupe with a 2011 engine /laughs out loud ...


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keep on bumping. no one will answer. already told you this forum is dead; pay 50-100 bucks for a lawyer consultation and talk to a professional. no one can help you here but a lawyer
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