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Raceworz 2016 Car Show/Drag Race - August 6th Sacramento Raceway


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We are less than a month away from this year’s Raceworz event!



We are happy to announce the Third Annual Raceworz Car Show and Drag Race event!

This event is on August 6th, 3:00pm to 10:00pm,
being held at Sacramento Raceway!!

Prices are as follows:
$20 - General Admission
$40 - Car Show (Non-Competition)
$55 - Car Show (Competition)
$50 - Drag Race Only
$60 - COMBO (Drag Race/Car Show Competition)
(all prices listed above are $5 more at the gate on August 6th)

Use this coupon code for $3 off your registration: “ FORUM3 “

We will have similar activities going on throughout the day this year, similar to our previous events!

Activities at Raceworz 2016 include:
>Car Show Competition
>Drag Race Competition
>Drag Race Fun Runs
>Car Audio Competition
>Vendor Row
>Big Main Stage
>Car Limbo
>Mobile DYNO

We are proud to announce the addition of the KUYA Model Lounge, presented by KUYA Kreationz and KUYA Protection!
Big Abe and KUYA Kreationz will be coming up from Southern Cali, and will be hosting some of the top Import models in the industry!

The CAR SHOW this year will have:
-Non-Competition ($40 pre-sale)
-Competition ($55 pre-sale)
--Those who register for the Car Show Competition will be officially judged by the International Tuning Standard Judging Team, from LA.
--All Prices will be $5 more on the day of!

Car Show Classes:

Raceworz Trophies:

Drag Racing Categories include the following Classes:

-> Street Front Wheel Drive
-> Street Power 10.50 Index
-> Street Power 11.50 Index
-> Street Power 12.50 Index
-> All Motor & Turbo Bracket
-> All Motor Pro
-> Quick 8
-> Fun Runs

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