Rear Suspension Noise + Bluetooth issues

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Hi Guys,
Just got a new 2011 Genesis Coupe a month ago and have been experiencing a bushing, creaking sound from the rear passenger and driver side when the body flexes (turning into my driveway)
I took it to the dealer to have them look into this matter and they came back telling me something in the suspension needed to be "banged" at it was binding. They did not tell me what the issue was nor did I get the chance to see the repair order as i picked the car up when the service dept was closed. The noise was gone for all of a day and has come back (only when its 2 degrees or below). I did a search on the net and I know people have this issue as well but there does not seem to be any resolution to this issue. If anyone has successfully gotten this issue fixed can you please let me know what the remedy is? I am not impressed with the dealer, they couldn't give a .......
As per the Bluetooth, it seems that this system does not like Blackberry and iphones. I have the "latest" software in my car yet it will say "pairing failed" I wrote a letter to Hyundai Canada expressing my concern and they basically told me that not all phones work and that the Genesis coupe is 2.1 compatible. Funny, cause I work for one of the big three wireless providers in Canada and most of the Blackberry units sold now are 2.1 but it does not work!!
Hyundai sells a car that is compatible with what??? I Moto Razr?
The dealer told me that "apparently" a new module will be coming out (TSB) let's see if that actually happens. The only device that i can get to work without any issues is an Android Google phone.
Thanks everyone for the read, if you have any solutions please get back to me.


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he dealer told me that "apparently" a new module will be coming out (TSB) let's see if that actually happens.
Is the "new module" supposed to be a software/firmware upgrade, or is it new as in later model vehicles don't have crap Bluetooth connections that frequently result in "pairing failed" errors.
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