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replacement rim specs


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Genesis G70
Good thing for insurance. I normally don't get insurance on the windshield since I find I replace them every 1-2 years and 3rd party windshields are fairly cheap. But I did get it for the G70 since I assumed there would be really low availability of parts for the first year or two and could be expensive.

I just called two local glass places and both said they can't get windshields for the car yet (as in no 3rd party ones are available yet) so they said they would have to order the glass from Hyundai. I told them not to bother calling as I didn't actually need one.


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Genesis G70
Took the car in for windshield replacement (had a stupid rock chip and ended up cracking), asked the guy for some wheel specs while the car is in the shop:

3.3T Sport

19x8, offset+35, bore 67.1 for the front
19x8.5, +30, 72.6 for the rear

Hope this helps anyone looking at replacement wheels.
Why would the bore size be different on the Sport 3.3 from front to back?
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