Replacing Equus Headlights


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JD2787 - I think you will be the "pioneer" if you do this. It is an expensive mod, but may give you enhanced high beams.

My own experience with the OEM high beams: tried Hella 100 watt H7 bulbs - no joy. Light still "yellow" and not much brighter. Probably need a relay to fully energize the 100 watt bulbs. Now using LED H7 bulbs, which are a good conversion in my opinion. More light and much whiter.

Before you buy these Korean bulbs do check the plug outlet on your current oem bulbs to confirm it is exactly the same as the Korean model. If so, then it should be a "drop in".
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Where did you buy these and how much di they cost you? I see used ones like this from the limo car for $1000 - so expensive- any help would help really... I have a 2014 equus- thanks!
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