Replacing the compact spare tire


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Have a 2015 Genesis sedan with a compact spare that has had separation of the tread from the core of the tire.

I thought it would be simple to have the tire replaced onto the very nice alloy rim that the Genesis comes with, but so far I have not found anyone willing to do so.

The tire is available on Amazon, Walmart, and online tire vendors.

Sam’s, where I usually get my tires due to the better pricing, said they do not have the equipment to install a compact spare. They do not sell the tire and do not install tires they do not sell, anyway.

Walmart, through which I can order the tire online and have shipped to them, says they do not have the equipment to mount the tire.

My local independent tire retailer says that compact spares are a “dealer only item”. They do not sell them. When I asked if I could bring in a tire from Amazon or elsewhere and have them mount it, they said they could try, but could not guarantee that they could mount it. That did not make me feel very confident, and was worried I’d have to send the tire back to Amazon.

I stopped by the local Hyundai dealer in person and spoke to a person that I assumed was a service advisor at the shop’s drop off. He said they did not have the equipment to mount the compact spare but they could order a new wheel/spare combo! I’m sure that’s quite expensive, especially given the nice alloy spare wheel. He said my son could stop by the dealership this Friday after Thanksgiving and have them look at it. But, I cannot imagine how looking at the compact spare would help. This is a standard part that came with the car.

Has anyone out there had their compact spare tire replaced successfully?

Some have mentioned trying to find a compact spare tire and wheel at a junk yard, but one never knows how old that tire is, and the cost to ship a wheel would be significant. I live in a relatively small town, though we have a Hyundai dealer, there are very few Hyundai Genesis vehicles here, and they did not take on the Genesis dealership.

I’ve read posts about converting to a full size spare. I’m not sure I want to do this at present. I’ve read here that others have done that successfully with some minor modifications to the stuff that holds the jack and tools.
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