Resolution to Lexicon Stereo 'clips'/audio cutting out?


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Hi All,

Does your stereo cut audio at higher volumes and frustrate you? My 2017 G90 does.

Please give input if you've solved this problem. It's a 3hr r/t drive to dealer to assess, then submit to Hyundai under warranty, then another r/t to have amp replaced.

Problem :
1. Stereo plays source (XM/BT/Cable/Jukebox)
2. Volume level 30-40. Tone all set to default 0.
3. ~8 minutes of play audio will clip or cut out for .5 seconds at higher volumes. Repeats 10-15 seconds later, then again and again.

Other thread solutions :
1. Amp replacement --> not clear if this resolved the issue.


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Genesis G90
Thank you for chiming in. Here is a recording of the problem :

Evidence :
00:44 seconds in audio clips
01:13 seconds audio clips
01:35 seconds in audio clips
New song.
01:48 seconds in audio clips
01:54 seconds in audio clips
02:01 seconds in audio clips


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Amps tend to warm up some at higher volumes for your pulling more current. It’s possible you have an electrical component after it warms up cutting out on you. My amp in my G70 is behind trunk panels. Would be interesting once you starting having the sound clipped to spray the amp with some freeze spray to cool it off to see if that makes any difference? Electronic shops usually carry this spray for testing components. You may not want to mess with any of this if fully under warranty for your dealer will just start R&R’g items and hope they picked the right one. Head unit or amp are about the only choices.


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Amp clipping is a bit different from complete cut out (as I understand it). Sounds like you are having complete cut out. Clipping occurs when the amp is unable to send the amount of current it needs to reporduce the sound at the volume level chosen, so the music distorts as the amp "pulses" power to the speakers because it can't "keep up" with continuous power....which is in microseconds of power coming in pulses instead of a steady stream. I might guess that the amps heat sinks are not contacting the amp correctly or maybe some sort of problem with some material around the amp not allowing it to cool correctly......I am not an expert.... so just a educated guess.
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