Retractable Exterior Mirror Problem


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So, I came out to my G70 this morning to find the driver's side mirror loose on its base, able to swivel manually but not retract automatically, although I hear the motor when the other side retracts. My Genesis dealer says it'll be a few days till they can deal with this--it's unstable and loose in the meantime.

We live in a cold climate and it had been parked on the street. No other sign of damage and don't recall hitting it against anything.
Climate? Vandalism? Anyone else have this problem?

The retractable mirrors are a cool feature but I fear they make the mirrors vulnerable to damage in many ways.


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I've wondered the same thing, but having seen plenty of other manufacturers doing it, I'm hoping it's a tried and tested feature by now.

When it's freezing cold, icy or snowy, I can hear the mirrors creek as they open and close.
The manual suggest using a de-icer or warm water if the mirrors as stuck.

Other than that I haven't had any issues with the mirrors so far.
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