Running G70 through a car wash


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Probably a stupid question but will ask anyway.
The manual says to not spray the sensor area on the front grille with a high pressure water stream.
We have a pretty good touchless car wash here which kind of does that all around the car starting at the front.
It will last in that area for about 4-5 seconds before proceeding on to the rest of the car.
Wondering if there is an issue with this or just not worry about it.
I only use it in the colder weather.

Thanks in advance for any info on this.


Genesis G70
For what it's worth, I've used a pressure washer on my car a number of times in our local car wash bays. I've sprayed the front end each time, including the radar shield, but I'm usually kind of quick when doing that area as I don't want to get a ton of water up my VT Snorkels and into my filters.


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I've had my car for 2 winters now and used high pressure touchless car washes about 10 times per each season. I don't have any issues or warning lights and the car still beeps at me if I approach a car too quickly. I noticed though that some touchless car washes have insane PSI and would literally rock my wife's accord back and forth with each spray, so I've never taken my G70 to those places. Also, as long as you don't park too close to the front end so that the water sprays out from at least a foot away, I think it should be fine.


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Have taken car through the Quick Chek car wash twice already. Does a fairly good job. It’s too cold to wash in my drive way and I like to see it clean. I prefer the automated wash as the washing mechanism moves around the car and is low pressure as opposed the high-pressure system used in the manned wash. Of course, it’s not as through but it’s easy enough to touch it up in my garage. It's not practical to wash there. Haven’t noticed any problems everything works as expected. far.
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