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Mechanics must be licensed. This person obviously is not. Also, these are supposedly their best mechanics whom they "Specially Train" for Equus" vehicles. Mind you, an Equus owner must only go to a dealer who is an Equus Dealer. No other Hyundai dealer can work on them.
Who trains these mechanics? Hyundai or the independent dealers?
I am guessing that they don't sell that many Equus units to keep even one mechanic busy full time. If there are 800 dealers, and 300 of them sell the Equus, and they sell 300 Equus a month in the US, that would be one per dealer per month.

HMA probably offers some training, but I would think the dealer usually pays for it. But I suppose the Equus could be an exception and maybe Hyundai pays for special Equus mechanic training. But do they pay for travel expenses to the location of the training classes? In any case, you can't expect a week or two of training to make someone be able to fix anything on a car. I suspect the problem is just the quality of mechanic the local dealers hires, not necessarily the training.

I have a Genesis and I do my own oil changes. The one time I let the dealer do it they screwed it up, just like I figured they would.
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