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Getting familiar with the group...

*image updated 07/15/10*

Hi guys, after a successful introduction to our ECU reflash, we have decided to take a tour so you can experience the reflash in person.
The areas we will be covering are listed above along with the day we will be there.
If you are from the surrounding states, feel free to take a drive up to the location nearest to you and check out the reflash.
I know driving to each location take somewhere between 3-10 hours driving, but we really want to show our appreciations to customers and let them testout.

During this tour we are going to have a couple tuners from SFR Korea travel with us (SFR USA) to help get this done.
We are also bringing bunch of KDM products that we carry on our website, and will be offering them before shipping price and help with installations if possible.

Regular price for the 3.8 Genesis Sedan reflash is $600
During this tour, prices will be $400.
3 month warranty also applies to the tour.

Come out, get the tune, and test drive your OWN car and see/feel the difference.
If you don't like it, we can reflash it back to stock on the spot and issue you a FULL refund.
Anyone is welcome to come.
*Only some locations will have dynos available*

Please start a list if you are interested in coming/purchasing this reflash to help us get an idea of how many people will be attending. We will be traveling very far so we want the turnout to be good.
If we don't have enough people joining in, we have no chance but cancelling for some locations.
Please note these spots are only of our rough ideas where it could take places.
Time/Location/address will be announced once we confirm that we have enough interests @ each location.

Friends and family are welcome to come also. This would be a great way to meet new faces, meet new forum members, and see some nice Gencoupes.

Any suggestions, feel free to contact us or reply to this thread.
Thank you for looking!


Getting familiar with the group...
We will be covering the rest of areas in 2010 but any plans yet.

We haven't had any chance to even look at the ECU for 4.6
If 4.6 is equipped with same or similar ECU, yes we can sure make it happen!
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