Should I Move On and Trade?


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The 3.8 '12 Genesis is going on 8 years old (July '11) and has 96k miles. The only issues have been the idler pulley and failed brake from water in the brake system. Other than that and tires, all I've needed to do is change oil. The paint is still excellent and so is the interior.
I see that the maintenance schedule shows a spark plug change in another 9k miles. So my question is- should I get out while the going is good or keep on keeping' on and see if the transmission starts to have problems, etc.?
I've been looking at new G80 but after getting a $5k discount on my new Genesis in 2011- it sure seems like these dealers are real proud of the new G80's. I refuse to be on the wrong end of a car negotiation. What's a guy to do?


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Well are you financially ready for a new purchase? Are you wanting the latest and the greatest or are you willing to settle for a prior year if available?

I believe one of the first things to do is to assesses the value of your current Genesis, both as a trade in and outright sale. Generally, you'll get more from an outright sale.

If you decide to trade in, negotiate the trade separate from the actual sale of the new G80. One does not depend upon the other. I urge you not to do both in conjunction but start with the new purchase negotiation first. When they ask you if you have a trade-in, simply tell them you'll speak with them after you've settled on a price of the new car.

You might have to shop around, which is always a good thing to do. You can use other offers to get a dealer to move on the price of either.


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I changed my plugs and it was as easy as any vehicle - I bought the OEM plugs and I think they were around $10/plug.
any vehicle coming up to 100k miles needs to have some preventive maintenance done. If you listen to the leasing companies they all say "never pay for preventative maintenance" well that is because they want to get you into a new $400-700/month payment.
I replaced the coolant hoses, engine fan, spark plugs, engine belts all myself and it was very easy. Now when the alternator went out, that was a tough one to replace.

With all that being 100% depends on your financial situation. I can see the value in a new vehicle, I can also see the value in a similar model to you have but say VERY low mileage? I can also see the value in spending some money on yours and keeping it until 200K miles.
It is all up to you
From my last few years and nearly 60k miles with this vehicle, I can see they really can stay useful for a lot of miles if properly maintained.


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I'm one to keep a car until it has pretty much run its course. Last car was a 2002 chrysler limited. I dont put a lot of miles on a car anyway (100k on the 2002). But sold it because a major part that needed replaced was not made anymore. Keep my cars in top notch condition though. Also there's nothing like not having a car payment and using the money to repair when needed and keeping the car looking like new. If it's a good car, keep it, if you think its not, you would know way before 8 years, sell it and get the next best thing.
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