So, had the 2011 for a weekend...


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Some changes from the 09 MY I was used to:

Smart Cruise Control

Features I didn't notice on the 2010 I drove:

Front Bumper slightly changed under the licence plate
Head/tail lights remain on after you turn the car off, for 30 seconds
DIS is updated, with some additional options/features - For example, you can now transfer your entire phonebook (up to 1000 contacts) in 10 seconds instead of having to manually enter in contacts. I wonder if this change is able to be applied to previous MYs?

I know they're doing big changes for the 13MY - id be willing to bet they will continue to add/refine the Genesis in the meanwhile with tweaks.

The Tau is something they want to constantly improve, so I don't see DI too far around the corner. Cylinder deactivation, among other available engine tweaks are a possibility. I'd like to see a sport variant of the Genesis - not a "R-Spec" like the Coupe - but a super-saloon type with the 5.0L pushing DI. Super/Turbo? I think 500 HP is modest estimate with some tweaks.....

I was thinking of buying another 2011 Genesis, but I would rather wait for the more tweaked out versions in a year or two. We'll see how the Equus continues to improve after it launches, too.

Baby steps....
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