So I got the dreaded "Check PSB" code


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First of all I want to say that I'm so thankful for this forum and all of the detailed posts. Part of the allure of the Genesis is that I don't see many of them on the street. Actually when I went to purchase mine, I was actually shopping for another Bimmer. So with any car that you don't see a lot of, finding information on them is VERY valuable. With the last kid going away to college there was no need for our beloved 5 series Wagon. With 2 kids in college I knew I wanted to find something affordable, yet as my wife and I like to say, we like to have at least 1 car in the family that's "valet-able". Feel free to borrow the term. I went to the local Carmax due to us having only a general idea of what we wanted. Larger vehicle, all wheel drive (we live in DC and like to go skiing), nice appointments were the general guidelines. We've owned multiple Bimmers, Audis and Mercs including the baby AMG CLK 550. To say that the Genesis wasn't on the radar was an understatement. But when I caught the '15 3.8 with all wheel drive and the panoramic roof out of the corner of my eye I thought the look was stunning. After inquiring about it for S&Gs, we found out that it had just come off of lease, only has 32K on the odometer and still is under warranty for another 2 years my ears perked up. When we saw the price my wallet jumped out. When I drove it I was SOLD!!! I took another week to think about it, only to return and purchase the car.

So I've been driving the car for a week now and to say that I'm falling in love with it more and more is an understatement. I'm loving the steady, very smooth power band that seems to have no lags at any point. I'm loving the ease of the key less entry for the trunk and the doors. The technology is taking some getting used to with some buttons I feel are a little out of place, but that's just a personal preference. I HATE THE PLACEMENT OF THE HEAT AND RADIO CONTROLS!!! These 2 need to be reversed sooooo bad. Can't tell you how many times I'm listening to a song I love, and end up cranking the heat setting to "Hell". All in all, she and I were bonding quite well. And I love having a car that you look back to get a second glance when you park. I don't like the lane assist. it seems to make the steering kind of mushy and the haptic feedback is not very comforting. I only use the Blind spot monitoring when on long drives with little traffic (i.e. never in DC). For those of you that use this feature regularly, try using that thing for 5 minutes in rush hour DC traffic, getting a warning any time you have to dart in or out of a lane. Also there was a slight rattle under the right front right side of the suspension at low speed bumps. I figured that it might just be par for the course for the Genesis and that maybe the suspension wasn't as tight as my past European vehicles. Since this was the only one that I had ever driven I had no reference. I was actually perusing the threads on this forum looking for people that had done performance upgrades to their suspensions. But to say that I was settling in is an understatement.

(Check PSB Warning)
A week to the day of bring the car home I got the "Check PSB" Light on a Saturday morning. It was very disheartening because I was just bragging to the wife about me starting the car from my phone on the first chilly day of the year. It was very short almost like it wasn't really throwing the code. I tried cutting the car off and back on and then it started again. It never stayed on but more so just a quick flash with no rhyme or reason to it. I did drive the car to work with this warning continuing to pop up every few minutes for less than a second then go away. Didn't cause any change in throttle response as I've seen on other threads. Got to work ran diagnostic through the car and on the phone and no error codes. Luckily for me there's a Hyundai dealership literally 1/2 a mile from my job on the same street. Took car in to see if they could look at it. Of course they were swamped on a Saturday and not able to fit me in that day. Earliest they could get me in was Monday morning at 9:45. Drove the car to brunch on Sunday got the same intermittent warning light on start up. Went away after about 15 minutes of driving. No throttle issues. After brunch came out friends admired the car and commented that they never thought I'd buy a Hyundai. (One guy is seriously considering getting rid of his 10 year old E-Class after sitting in mine). Upon start up, got the code again with the light popping up not regularly on the way home. So that's where we are. Will keep you posted as to fixes and dealing with Hyundai.


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I have Genesis 2016 3.8 AWD-Ultimate. I have the same problem show up recently and the PSB warning with chime comes in for a second or two and disappears. Problem is random and happens only when car is on bumpy road. When cruising on highway it does not chime/warn anymore.

I had OBD-II tool at home and got logged code U0109 which is generic to communication difficulty with fuel control module. I have attached the screenshot from cellphone OBD scanner. Hope it helps other peaople out there with similar situation