Sound system glitch


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I’ve had this happen to me twice now and next time it happens I’ll have to remember to record it.

- I drive with xm radio mainly. Today I parked my car like usual. Came back and the volume was much louder and a staticy radio station I didn’t recognize was playing. Turning the station controls on the steering wheel changed stations according to the nav, but the staticy music blaring out remained the same. Turning the radio on and off, it remained the same. Finally I changed modes and xm came back on and stations changed again with the display.

Anyone else seen this happen? Seems like a glitch to me where it got stuck on some weird preset station in a mode I don’t ever use

In-House Bob

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2G Genesis Sedan (2015-2016)
Sounds like the stereo gremlins are on the move today. I have no idea about what would cause your problem. And I can't imagine trying to get it to happen for the service tech. Good luck!