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Springs? or No Springs? Storm, ARKs, etc. Opinions from those who have them installed on 2015 3.8 Ultimate Sedan


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2G Genesis Sedan (2015-2016)
So my setup is a 2015 3.8 Ultimate pkg sedan. Tires (enroute) 255/35/20 and 285/30/20. The specs on my cars pkg includes adaptive suspension with different driving modes which are suppose to adjust the suspension depending on which mode you are driving. If I install springs to lower the car, will it negatively effect my suspension mode capabilities? I'm on the fence btwn choosing the Storm (estimated drop is btwn ARK GT-S and GT-F) because GT-S is too low for me and my tire sizes. Or even though the GT-F are designed for the V8 model, go that route to alleviate any possible rubbing issues with minimal a drop.
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