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STORM Lowering Springs for Genesis G80 & G80 Sport [KDMHolic]


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Hello friends, my name is Thomas - I'll be here on Genesis Owners as a KDMHolic rep - we distribute genuine parts for KDM cars straight from Korea - visit us at www.kdmholic.com

G80 & G80 Sport (2017+) Sedan owners! Authentic STORM Lowering Springs

Special Promo Price for the next 30 days: $360 SHIPPED for U.S., Canada, and Australia

Other countries leave a message and I'll get you a custom shipping quote.

Shipping: 3-5 business days handling time, 3-5 business days to deliver. Shipped via DHL.

HL_GG80_SS_3.jpg HL_GG80_SS_2.jpg HL_GG80_SS_1.jpg HL_SS_UP_1.jpg HL_SS_UP_3.jpg HL_SS_UP_9.jpg HL_SS_UP_7.jpg HL_SS_UP_4.jpg

STORM is an independent Korean suspension manufacturer that has been producing parts since 2004; these are authentic parts with a quality guarantee (5 year/60,000mile warranty)

Manufactured via cold forming steel; 20% stronger than factory springs. Lighter than factory suspension. Compatable with OEM shocks/struts.

Will fit Genesis G80 and G80 Sport models, 2017+

Drop specs:
Front: 1.00-1.40 inches
Rear: 1.00-1.20 inches

PM to order; PayPal payment preferred.
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