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Swap high performance summer’s for good all seasonals?


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Genesis G70
Has anyone considered - or tried - swapping for 235/45-18? The standard 225 width seems a bit narrow for this car. I've got the Design edition, which has 18" wheels (I'm OK with that) and a square setup. The relatively narrow tires definitely don't look as sporty (especially from behind), but I'm not inclined to spend the $$ for 19" wheels and new, pricier tires that I can't rotate. I also wonder if the AWD cars are better off with a square setup from a handling perspective (less understeer).
I was thinking of going to 235 width tires all around for a bit more handling and traction (summer only - that wouldn't be a good move in the snow). The added width only increases the sidewall by 4.5mm (0.177"), and increases the total diameter by only 0.35", or about 1.3%. I thought I might put on Michelin Pilot Sport 4S in this size for part of the year, and put the 225 all-seasons back on for the cold months.
Adding width would be good if you want more traction. You'll likely get less mileage if you care. I have the all season 225's on my 3.3T awd and get lift throttle over steer in corners. It's lots of fun. One of the reasons I didn't get the sport was because I have no need for that level of grip and they aren't going to last as long as the all seasons. I also didn't want the staggered setup. I have a dedicated set of winters as well.


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The Pirelli is performance winter tires. No good for lots of snow or ice. Perfect for Vancouver type winters or driving on roads that will be cleared constantly.
I got the X-Ice cause I drive country roads.
That's what I'm leaning towards as well. Can't really find a lot of info on the Pirelli's. "Performance winter tires' lol - so basically an all (3) season ;)


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Genesis G70
That's what I'm leaning towards as well. Can't really find a lot of info on the Pirelli's. "Performance winter tires' lol - so basically an all (3) season ;)
Better than AS. They won't lose grip in the cold. The thread won't be as aggressive as well and they are meant for performance cars that still want to be able to drive fast in the cold. But their snow and ice perform won't be as good as a Blizzak or X-Ice.